International shipping for the 2020 holiday season

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Hey guys! It's been a crazy year, and it continues to have its ups and downs. The situation around the world has been chaotic, and with several countries entering new lockdowns it's important to give a quick update on how international shipping will look. 
We are based in the USA, and are a home based business at that. Because we are small we are limited in what shipping options we have internationally. For countries that are entering new lockdowns, many postal services will have interruptions. At this time, we cannot guarantee ANY packages ordered from November 1st and on will arrive before Christmas for any country undergoing a new lockdown period. That said, we do believe that it's fairly likely that items ordered within the next couple weeks should arrive, we just don't want to make any promises without knowing exactly what delays are going to look like. For countries that are not currently planning to undergo lockdown, we will be monitoring shipping situations but we suggest not ordering any later than the 3rd week of November for arrival by Christmas. 
We adore our worldwide audience, friends, and fans, and in an ideal world we would be able to offer quick, affordable shipping with no hiccups. However, until we can call ourselves a global commodity, we are at the mercy of postal services worldwide and any restrictions they may be imposing. We are sincerely hoping that next year will be free of many of these interruptions and we can get things back on track for all our international friends. 
Thank you guys in advance for all your patience and support. It's folks like you that help small businesses thrive, and we couldn't do it without you. We've been extremely lucky to have an amazing fan and customer base who have supported us even through the challenges of a crazy year. You guys are absolutely incredible.
Cheers, and as always, happy gaming! 
- Level 1 Gamers

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