Adventurer's Survival Knife T-Shirt

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Veteran adventurers understand the need to have many weapons available at their disposal, which makes the Adventurer's Swiss Army Knife a must! Choose between the mighty spear, two-handed ax, morning star, bastard sword and machete. Makes a great gift for heroes who have a difficult time deciding on weapons. It is recommended that the barbarian or the fighter carry the Adventurer's Swiss Army Knife due to added weight of other weapons inside. Shirts are made of soft cotton and only the finest quality vinyl is pressed with care onto the fabric. Available for both male and female adventurers in many great sizes and colors.

-Made from 100% cotton
-Modern, comfortable fitting
-Supremely soft, superior quality

Gildan® Youth T-Shirt Sizing Chart
Small 13" x 17"
Medium 14" x 18"
Large 15" x 19"
XL Extra Large 15.5" x 19.5"

Gildan® Adult T-Shirt Sizing Chart
Small 18" x 28"
Medium 20" x 29"
Large 22" x 30"
XL Extra Large 24" x 31"
2XL 26" x 32"