LGBTQ+ Pride DnD Dice Box - Hexagonal Shapes Inside Option

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This dice box has the hexagonal-shaped inside option for dice sets.

LGBTQ+ and RPGs go together hand in hand, and now you can show off your PRIDE with our new LGBTQ+ wooden dice vaults! Intrepid adventurers can still show off who they are while rolling for initiative, failing a saving throw, or getting a nat 20 on that big bad boss fight. We can't guarantee these will help you roll any better, but we can at least guarantee it'll keep your dice nice and safe during travel, with EVA foam padding and individual cuts for each die. These can fit up to 7 dice, but infinite adventure opportunities.
The best part is, with each sale, 15% of each sale will go to helping LGBTQ+ youth right here in our home state of Utah.

Choose your preferred flag, and we will cut and assemble your box by hand here in our home workshop. We start by cutting 1/8 inch birch plywood and EVA foam padding on our laser cutter, sanding it down and making sure everything lines up. Decide on whether you want a hexagonal-shaped inside for dice sets or a square-shaped inside to hold all your favorite dice all at once. Because everything is handmade to order, these can take 1-2 weeks to ship depending on demand.

Are we missing your preferred flag? Shoot us a message and we will make it happen!

We hope you enjoy these new dice vaults, we love you, and YOU MATTER!

(Dice shown are for photography purposes only, and are not included)