Owlbear Baby Bodysuit

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What's cuter than a regular baby chasing a 20 sided die? Well, a baby Owlbear of course! It's just so soft, cuddly, and totally squishable! Your little one would be an instant hug magnet while wearing this soft Dungeons And Dragons themed bodysuit. Plus you'll melt the hearts of your gaming group when they see your adorable adventurer wearing one. We pride ourselves on the fact that each white bodysuit is hand pressed by us, to ensure quality using fine quality sublimation inks. Pick one up for yourself or get one for your friends!

• 100% Polyester

Bodysuit Sizing Guide
0-3 Months | 8-12 lbs. | 21-24 in.
3-6 Months | 12-16 lbs. | 24-26 in.
6-9 Months | 16-20 lbs. | 26-28 in.
12 Months | 20-24 lbs | 28-30 in.
18 Months | 24-28 lbs | 30-32 in.
24 Months | 28-32 lbs | 32-34 in.

Care Instructions: Machine wash ONESIES inside out, hang or lay out to dry.
Please do not directly iron the vinyl design.

*If you are unsure about size, we recommend sizing up.
**Colors may appear slightly different from images due to different monitor settings.