Dragon Wood Earrings

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What's cooler than an awesome fire breathing scaly dragon of legend? A pair of wooden Dragon Earrings by Level 1 Gamers of course! You can get these in many exotic wood options, such as: Bloodwood, Bolivian Rosewood and Walnut. Each earring is sanded down smooth and covered in Danish Oil to really bring out the colors and wood grain of each piece. Great gift for dragon enthusiasts and friends into cool fantasy style accessories. Stretch out your wings and get noticed with a pair of sleek earrings that'll look great in just about anything you wear. Plus these dragons don't bite and burn down villages. What are you waiting for, a real dragon? Get yours today!

**Pendant option has a leather cord**

**Hooks are nickel free**

***Each earring is cut from natural hardwood, color and wood grain pattern may vary***