Hello World, We're Level 1 Gamers!

My wife and I are video game enthusists, who want to express our creativity and love of gaming, on baby onesies and t-shirts! My name is Paul and my wife's name is Lisa, and we are Level1Gamers. We're based out of Salt Lake City Utah, surrounded by the beautiful Wasatch mountain range. Adventure isn't far with hiking paths only minutes away. We have two cute chihuahua mixes who love to get into trouble, not to mention we're expecting our first child here soon.

We got into this because we felt there wasn't enough gamer related stuff available for our littlest gamers. Babies can look just as cool as their gamer parents or better in gamer clothes! I started off with the Level 1 series, which features the top 10 role-playing classes in games like Dungeons and Dragons; after that, we both started plugging away, day after day with new designs, building up our shop until we had a good amount to start. We opened up shop at the end of November, around Thanksgiving and have been working hard ever since!

Our banner is a nod to the early 2D pioneers, who created the foundation for the modern games we enjoy today. The logo took a little fiddling with to get right, however once we put it together, we knew it was a good fit! And of course the logo wouldn't be complete without a baby block. We wanted the logo and banner to feel warm and welcoming so it's full of vibrant colors, including fun baby colors on the block like, bubblegum pink and sky blue.

We are making designs on a regular basis and look forward to providing you with awesome onesies and t-shirts! Our clothes come in many colors and sizes, giving you a great variety to choose from. The clothes we get are 100% cotton, making them incredibly soft to the touch. We hand press our high quality heat transfer vinyl onto each piece of clothing. Our goal is to give you a great piece of gamer clothing, hand pressed with love! 

A big thank you to our customers and future customers,

Paul & Lisa

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