Cutie +1 Legendary Baby Bodysuit

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There is no magic item cuter or more adorable than the Cutie +1 Legendary ONESIE by Level1Gamers. This legendary item comes with two unique amazing abilities! The first ability is called Aww: When Cutie looks adorable the next closest humanoid must kiss Cutie. The second ability is called Snuggle: When Cutie smiles the next closest humanoid must hug Cutie. Care needs to be taken when handling this unique and special magical item. Each one is hand pressed with the finest quality heat-transfer vinyl onto an organic white soft cotton baby Onesie. We fold each one with care and send the final product to your front door! Give Cutie +1 Legendary item as a baby shower gift or treat yourself to one! Each bodysuit is unisex and available in many great sizes! Pick up yours today!

• 100% cotton Gerber Onesie
• Designs on this bodysuit are made with heat transfer vinyl

Bodysuit Sizing Guide
0-3 Months | 8-12 lbs. | 21-24 in.
3-6 Months | 12-16 lbs. | 24-26 in.
6-9 Months | 16-20 lbs. | 26-28 in.
12 Months | 20-24 lbs | 28-30 in.
18 Months | 24-28 lbs | 30-32 in.
24 Months | 28-32 lbs | 32-34 in.

Care Instructions: Machine wash ONESIES inside out, hang or lay out to dry.
Please do not directly iron the vinyl design.

*If you are unsure about size, we recommend sizing up.
**Colors may appear slightly different from images due to different monitor settings.


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