D20 Heart Earrings

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At Level 1 Gamers we love dice. We're big fans of polyhedrons, especially Icosahedrons or 20 sided dice. We love D20s so much we put them into a heart and made them earrings! Now you can show your love for 20 sided dice and be the talk of the gaming table with a set of your very own. Great gift for friendly adventurers into D20 earrings, D20 Dice, handmade earrings, and wood earrings. We take great care by laser engraving and cutting the earrings ourselves. Get yourself the quality product you deserve and the favor of the Dice Gods! Take a 20 and buy one today!

**Pendant option has a leather cord**

**Hooks are nickel-free**

***Colors may look different under different lighting sources***