Drop And Give Me 20 Mug

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Oorah! Drop and give me 20 solider, a nat 20 that is! We've got a level 15 baddie to slay and your next roll is going to make or break this fight, so do your duty and roll a critical hit! The time for diddle-daddle is over. Pick up this sleek white mug with black handle and interior for yourself and for your fellow warriors. They make excellent gifts for those who are on the go! Each hand pressed ceramic cup holds up to 11 oz of refreshing fluids to quench your thirst. What are you waiting for soldier? Get to the front lines and pick up yours today!

• Dishwasher and microwave safe.
• Will not peel, scratch or rub off like vinyl does.
• Designs will be printed on both sides of mug unless specified otherwise in the description.

*Colors may vary from what you see on monitor due to your monitor settings.

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