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Did you know that Dachshunds love playing Dungeons and Dragons? It's so adorable watching them roll shinny math rocks at the gaming table. How they make the cutest faces while wiping the party with a couple of dragons and lots of suspicious natural 20s. Good times! Show off your wiener dog pride with your very own Dachshunds and Dragons pin! Great DnD gift for dog moms and dog dads. Fun collectible DnD pin for backpacks and other wearable gear. We take pride in laser cutting each one ourselves to ensure that you get a quality product. Give the ultimate Dachshund gift, with this lightweight wood pin. Get yours today!

Designed by Level 1 Gamers this pin comes with a rubber clutch pin back. Approx Size: H: 1.53" W: 1.76"

*Colors may vary from what you see on the monitor due to your monitor settings.

We take pride in delivering a quality product to you! Let us know if you have any questions or if you have any custom needs.