You Jelly? Gelatinous Cube Mug

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Has your party ever encountered a 10 foot jello monster? Did the famished fighter weary from his/her travels through the treasure filled underground caverns mistake this transparent ooze for food, only to find his/herself instantly dissolved inside of it? Don't fret! We've got the mug to celebrate your team's fruitless efforts against the dreaded Gelatinous Cube! We can get this mug to you quicker than the time it takes your party's cleric to mourn the loss of the entire adventuring group to a mindless ooze. Plus we hand press each white mug with black handle and interior with the highest quality dishwasher safe sublimation inks. Give one of these sad reminders of your party's demise as a gift to one of your gaming friends or to your evil Dungeon Master who might cackle manically like a cartoon villain at the reminder of how he wiped your party that one day. Get your Gelatinous Cube mug today!

• Dishwasher and microwave safe.
• Will not peel, scratch or rub off like vinyl does.
• Designs will be printed on both sides of mug unless specified otherwise in the description.

*Colors may vary from what you see on monitor due to your monitor settings.

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