Gladiator Earrings

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Getting the thumbs up from the crowd for a glorious fight, you lift your gladius to catch the sun's glint and the crowd's uproarious applause! What would make this even more incredible? A pair of Gladiator Earrings of course to match your experienced fighter aesthetics! Now everyone will know you're a champion as you beat your opponents in a grand display of pageantry and skill. Makes a great gift for fellow warriors into gothic earrings, statement earrings, unique earrings, and dangle earrings. By laser engraving and cutting these earrings ourselves, we're able to make sure you get a quality product. Be the gladiator with the coolest sword earrings in the entire colosseum and get yours today!

**Pendant option has a leather cord**

**Hooks are nickel-free**

***Colors may look different under different lighting sources***