I'm Going To Rage Baby Bodysuit

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Your baby may enter rage as a bonus action. They'll gain advantage on their strength checks and saving throws, get a bonus to damage rolls when using a melee weapon and have resistance to naps. If this is a bit overwhelming, don't fret! Your precious little Barbarian can only rage twice per day. So once your ball of energy has used up all their rages, they'll have to take a long rest before they can rage again! Celebrate your future battle champion with your very own I'm Going To Rage ONESIE by Level 1 Gamers! We hand press each design onto soft polyester baby bodysuits. Perfect baby shower gift for expectant mothers and friends into Dungeons and Dragons. Enjoy your sleep while you still can!

• 100% Polyester bodysuit
• Designs on this bodysuit are made with heat transfer vinyl

Bodysuit Sizing Guide
0-3 Months | 8-12 lbs. | 21-24 in.
3-6 Months | 12-16 lbs. | 24-26 in.
6-9 Months | 16-20 lbs. | 26-28 in.
12 Months | 20-24 lbs | 28-30 in.
18 Months | 24-28 lbs | 30-32 in.
24 Months | 28-32 lbs | 32-34 in.

Care Instructions: Machine wash bodysuits inside out, hang or layout to dry.
Please do not directly iron the vinyl design.

*If you are unsure about size, we recommend sizing up.
**Colors may appear slightly different from images due to different monitor settings.


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