This Guy Gets Carried By Team T-shirt

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There are those who carry the team and those who shamelessly get carried. It's okay, Level1Gamers isn't here to judge you! We created a shirt just for you actually! Why break a sweat if you don't have to? Sometimes the bathroom comes calling and you sure don't have the time to take on the boss right now. Wear this shirt as a badge of honor or buy it for a friend who does the same! Made out of comfortable soft cotton and hand pressed with high quality vinyl. Available in many great sizes and shirt colors. Go on, take a load off and let the other guy pull your weight for awhile!

-Made from 100% cotton
-Modern, comfortable fitting
-Supremely soft, superior quality

Gildan® Youth T-Shirt Sizing Chart
Small 13" x 17"
Medium 14" x 18"
Large 15" x 19"
XL Extra Large 15.5" x 19.5"

Gildan® Adult T-Shirt Sizing Chart
Small 18" x 28"
Medium 20" x 29"
Large 22" x 30"
XL Extra Large 24" x 31"